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Our Mission

To provide prompt and excellent property tax appeals representation to ensure that property owners are paying his/her fair share for the services provided by city/county government. We'll find the comps, file the appeal, and represent you in front of the county board of appeals. We are certified in all 92 counties of Indiana and all of Kentucky.


Do you think you’re paying too much in property taxes? Do you know the market value of your home? How does it compare to what the real estate market is doing? To what your neighborhood is doing? Our services include filing the correct paperwork, getting the evidence together and representing you before the county board. Please browse our Web site for more information.

About Property TaXperts

Property TaXperts, LLC (PTX) is an ad valorem consulting firm that represents property owners throughout Indiana and beyond who feel their assessed values are not in line with the real estate market. PTX can help you challenge your assessment and will represent you before the Property Tax Board of Appeals. You have the right to challenge your assessment based on your Form 11 assessment notice or your property tax bill.

Jonathan Weaver, principal consultant, is a former county assessor and state certified Level III Assessor-Appraiser. He earned his real estate license in 2003 and is an elected member of the Evansville City Council.

Our Services

Work with someone who refined the system.

Our goal is to consult and educate on the property tax. We will file the appeals form, represent you before the county board and present the case for a reduction if we believe your property qualifies.

We will file an appeal, challenging your assessed value for your property in the county where it is located.

We start with a minimal service fee, and then there are no additional costs until we achieve results.

Our work experience includes residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and investment property.

Let's Get Started...

  1. In Indiana, property taxes are based on the assessed value of your home or business real property as of March 1.
  2. The installments are due May 10th and November 10th of the following year.
  3. Appeal deadlines will vary by county.
  4. County board hearings will vary by county.
  5. Ask about our services in other states.

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